What do people get ordering professional cleaning services?

We all understand that cleaning a house or an apartment is the service that is demanded regularly. Some people do it by themselves devoting much time and efforts but more and more homeowners prefer to order natural organic cleaning services and to get the highest quality by affordable prices.
What do people obtain hiring experienced technicians?
• Professionals use special equipment like steam-generating unit (for surfaces disinfection), industrial vacuum cleaner (remove dust from the most hard-to-reach places). Such equipment is rather expensive and purchasing it for home using is rather unreasonable.
• Experienced technicians thoroughly choose cleaning agents. Foremost, they use eco-friendly substances only. Moreover, professionals pick special agents for particular surface to clean them appropriately.
• Finally, homeowners get some 2-3 hours to spend them more pleasantly than cleaning an apartment.
Thus, more and more people are convinced that everybody should be involved in the spheres he is specialized in.