How does a waterless detailing technique functions?

The things are being changed in different spheres. During the recent years the sphere of auto detailing underwent the real revolution. Water is not necessary for qualitative removing of mud and dust from a car surface. That sounds ridiculous but the innovations change our life significantly.
The new technology implies using of special cleaning agents. Their chemical composition contains special elements to remove mud and dust from a car surface effectively. On the one hand those agents perfectly clean a car and on the other hand they do no harm for the paintwork.

Mobile detailing Brooklyn offers in diverse assortment but be convinced that you are dealing with professionals. They apply qualitative eco-friendly substances only guaranteeing you the best results. Moreover, experienced technicians are aware of correct technology of those substances using in order not to damage the paintwork. Additionally, most companies offer some other services like interior cleaning, vacuuming, windows and doors polishing, etc.