Spectacular array of washroom faucets: which models are the best?

Speaking about washroom fixtures, faucets attract attention primarily. The market offers a spectacular array of models that differ in shape, type, material and other criteria. Homeowners are free to pick simple or innovative convenient models. Moreover, faucets are available for both tubs and sinks therefore aspects to be considered are totally different.
The question is either your purchase a new faucet or you just need to replace the existing one. In the first case the specialists recommend matching faucets to preferable types of sinks or tubs while in the second case consumers may choose the same faucet type or something more innovative.
Speaking about budget models are offered by different price categories. Traditional faucets are suggested by modest prices while innovative ones (thermostatic or contactless models) are essentially more expensive.
As for the producers, world-known brands are highly recommended to be chosen. For instance, CAE Italian faucets are regarded among the most qualitative ones.

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