Types of bathtubs: which one is the best for particular washroom?

Contemporary market offers diverse assortment of bathtubs but selecting the most suitable one take into account your washroom peculiarities together with personal preferences. The following tub types may be possibly purchased:

  1.      drop-in models;

Such tubs economize space and look rather elegant. They are suitable for both small and spacious washrooms and are offered in different design decisions.

  1.      free-standing models;

These tubs are also rather demanded and they are more suitable for washrooms designed in classic style. Free-standing models demand more space therefore such variant is perfect for spacious bathrooms.

  1.      corner models.

A corner bathtub perfectly matches both spacious and space-limited washrooms. They are frequently equipped by several additional functions like hydro massage providing maximal comfort.

But remember that all tubs have limited serving term and through years you mention various damages (from stains to cracks) but fortunately the service of tub refinishing helps to solve the problem without essential expenses extending your tub’s serving term.

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