Waterless car wash is the most effective and safest way of removing mud and dust from a car surface

Everybody knows that a car should be always clean. It is important from several points of view: status, reputation, individual attitude, etc. The rule is rather simple: when your car is covered by mud, apply car wash and make it clean but this task is in fact quite complicated. You have to find free time, find respected station and in most cases stand in a queue for some time.

But only few car owners know that traditional auto detailing is not so good for car paintwork because it causes its destroying in course of time. Besides, quality of the service depends mostly on professionalism of technicians and the majority of them have low qualification and execute their work unwillingly.

So looking for other method of car cleaning is better decision and it exists. Mobile car wash that intends no water using is more and more popular. Special liquids remove mud and dust from the car surface extremely effective. They are eco-friendly and safe for paintwork of an auto protecting it from tiny scratches.